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PROTEGO® – Technology Leader for Flame Arresters and Tank Vents.
Excellence in Safety and Environment.

PROTEGO USA, Inc. assembles, manufactures, and sells Pressure Vacuum Vents up to 12“, Emergency Relief Vents up to 24“, and In-Line Flame Arresters up to 12“ (NEC B, C, D). We also offer repairs to all PROTEGO® models, replacement FLAMEFILTER® discs up to 24“, application engineering, and sales training.


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Protego headquarters with blue sky

Advantages for working with PROTEGO USA, Inc.

Our main objective is to have competent consulting services for technical issues with a broad range of requirement-based services for our products.

Protego products

We have been doing business in the US for more than 15 years

Protego employees standing in front of a building

We employ 25 people locally in the USA

Map with locations of 40 representatives

We have more than 40 representatives in the USA and Canada

Flamefilter with inside view

Technology Leader for Flame Arresters

PROTEGO® Flame Arresters are used wherever gases or vapors are explosive and liquids are flammable. Flame Arresters are designed to allow the flow of gases and to prevent flame transmission.

  • modular design allows replacement of a single FLAMEFILTER®
  • maintenance friendly
  • low pressure drop
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Tank vents

Technology Leader for Tank Vents

PROTEGO® 10% Lift Technology. Standard in each PROTEGO® Valve.

  • Vents reach full lift with 10% overpressure, similar to high pressure safety relief.
  • Higher pressure and deeper vacuum set points mean vents stay closed longer.
  • Product loss and unwanted emissions are reduced.
  • Leakage rates better than API standards.
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Trusted by leaders worldwide

Carbon Fiber Manufacturer in SE United States
„One thing I have learned is whenever faced with a difficult tank venting problem – call PROTEGO®. They know what they are doing. Their products work, and work often way better than they say. Our plant wouldn’t try to install another vent without going to these guys.“

PROTEGO® World Team

Providing first-class performance

PROTEGO USA, Inc. is one of 11 subsidiaries of Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH with its head office in Germany. PROTEGO® is a world market leader operating with a large global network of subsidiaries and representatives. The PROTEGO® Team includes 12 distribution and after-sales service companies as well as 120 representatives on all continents.

Safety Leader

With more than 60 years' experience in chemical, pharmaceutical, and the oil & gas industries, the PROTEGO ® brand is directly associated with excellence and providing process safety-based solutions

Research & Development

PROTEGO® operates the world's largest research facility for Flame Arresters and Tank Vents. Developing customer- specific solutions is a specialty.


PROTEGO® is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, and our standards exceed API standards. We provide accurate quality control of all of our products, from design to delivery. Prior to delivery, the leakage rate and set pressure are examined, and we run special tests for PMI, dye penetration, and non- destructive materials.

Quick Engineering and Sizing Tool

PROTEGO® QuEST is the software for the sizing and selection of our venting devices.

PROTEGO® Technology catalog
Introduction and basic explanation of PROTEGO® devices

The first section of our catalog provides you with a brief introduction to our company and offers a basic explanation of the operation and usage of PROTEGO® devices.


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